TEAM + SYSTEM + TRAFFIC = Duplicateable Success !

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Competition in niche markets is fast and fierce! As entrepreneurs we need an edge over the competitors and the ever changing Internet in the 21st Century!

My systems have a total package that will give you the highest advantage of success on the planet. I encourage you to come visit my hangouts and learn from my friends and partners. Our team have a family like atmosphere that promotes everyone’s success.

TEAM + SYSTEM + TRAFFIC = Duplicateable Success !

Automating Business from the Start!

With the ever increasing growth of Home Based Business world-wide, competition in most niche markets is fast and fierce. In-order for a new entrepreneur not to get trampled over in this fast moving and innovative market place, they’re going to need an edge over their competitors.

We give our clients, most of them first time online business owners, a competitive advantage right from start-up by allowing them to operate in parallel with us. By utilizing our systems, tools and resources perfected over the last decade, we can produce instant profitability for our clients and be there to help them manage and monetize growth along the way.

My Platform increases your ROI by taking potential clients through a more rigorous and proven direct sales process completely hands off

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WadeRazella moderator

Hello my friends Facebook is cracking down big time on spamming and auto posting programs that blindly post your offers on their SYSTEM. Remember this is their system not yours. Many times you will not even get a warning. Facebook can throw you in Facebook jail for a set amount of time of their choice and even ban you.

1. Social Media when you friend someone it is not spam when you get messages on your public space or private message. Why? Because you have agreed to be friends. Fan pages are controlled by whether you follow the page or click on the like page. Take the time to know your Social Media’s rules before you send a nasty message to the person sending you an unwanted message. Or better yet just UN-Friend them.

2. So if you are trying to get somewhere with Social media this is a extremely slow process. The key is that you say nothing about your business offer at all to anyone that is not your friend or has not liked your Facebook fan page. If you do you are Spamming. The key is to start a relationship up with them and get them to friend you or like your page. If you try to friend people you do not know guess one they can report you to Facebook as a Spam account. Yep and guess what it is Facebook jail for you.

4. Now we have fantastic capture pages for you to use here in your XLN back office. DO NOT plaster them all over Facebook as you will devalue, desensitize, not be taken seriously, lose major credibility, and yes a spammer. 

5. Understand the two areas of Facebook. :)

A. Your personal wall (do not post your business there Facebook frowns big and yep you can be locked out and even banned. Your personal wall is for everyday life and personal topics you want to share. BE careful as what you share will be perceived as who you are and what you represent. If you want to be taken as a sincere, honest, upstanding, person then people have to feel by your posts that you are indeed that. In simple terms if you post crap people will smell it and walk away from you FOREVER. ;)

B. Facebook Fan pages are designed for business and offer you some nice tools that are free to you. However I am not going to hold you hand here you as a Business owner have to take the time and learn for yourself how to build and work your Fan page. ;) 

Again it is a slow process to get people to likes and yes you can not just randomly post on peoples walls to like your page as yep you are a spammer. You can however invite all your people that are on your friend list to come look and like your page. 

Also do not waste you time and money in buying likes from Facebook or any like farm. It is a waste of your time. Most of the time they are not real people liking your page at all. Yep ROBOTS !!!.In my opinion as I have tried this myself with zero results.

I hope that by reading this you will understand exactly what we mean why trying to get your leads using social media and any other free method takes  a long time. Yes you can do it but prepare yourself for a slow build before any momentum starts.

The only way quicken your success is through buying our high quality traffic = Easy = Faster = Momentum builder = List Building = Leads = Relationships = Sales = $$$$ Money :)

WadeRazella moderator

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@WadeRazella Well put and well done Wade....good information too.  I did not know that much about facebook.  They don't mind it you post on a business site?  Just your personal site? 

this is Linda Swearingen from our XLN group....the one you had laughing through our 'Hangout' tonight.

WadeRazella moderator

@seolinks102 @WadeRazella Well Facebook frowns upon posting any non personal and business related content on your personal wall. This is why they have Fan pages for you to use. Of course they are going to push you to buy their advertising too. I have had zero success with Facebook ads and will not consider them again.