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ATTN: Important Clarifications for Nui Members

Attention Nui Members

We are excited for the progress of Nui as we navigate and forge a path through the ever-changing blockchain space. Recently, some things have come to our attention that necessitate clarification for our members.

The Digital Vault Is Not Associated with Nui

You may have heard talk about something called The Digital Vault. Some are alluding that Nui is part of the project. We want to make it very clear that Nui is not associated in any way with the Digital Vault. It has never been one of our initiatives, and therefore we have no insight, visibility, or influence on it. Neither Nui corporate, nor Darren Olayan (CEO), Reid Tanaka (President), Jim Pare or Casey Combden (Keystone Leaders) are affiliated with or endorse the Digital Vault.

If members wish to share information personally about the Digital Vault, they must not use any Nui-affiliated channels. Any posts on social media groups, pages, etc. that bear the Nui name or in any way imply that the Digital Vault is involved with Nui will be considered a compliance violation and subject to corporate action.

Click here for full Blog post on Nui’s Blog… If you have any questions please message me anytime.

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